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Single Click Blur

Click & Blur any element be it Heading, Paragraph, Image or more.

Text blur

Want to blur specific text? Just select & blur its that easy.

Keep Blur

keep blur even after closing or reload tab with just a single click.

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Blur any element

You can blur any element on a page, such as an input, a link, an email address, an image, etc.

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Start securing your senstive info online

For a very affordable discounted pricing.

If you do any screen sharing! This tool allows you to blur elements on your screen in real-time! That means it works on live streams!!! Blurring sensitive information is crucial when doing walkthroughs or screen shares that may expose personal or confidential info. Without having to go in and edit footage after the fact is pretty time consuming, which isn't feasible for live streams. Thanks for this screen blurring solution, very practical!

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Simple And Fast I bought this because of the very low cost and because it looked simple and fast to use. And, indeed, it is simple and fast and just works. I like blurring out things in a simple explainer video BEFORE I make the video rather than having to use a video editor later.


Excellent little tool! Makes it so easy to blur out sensitive data, plus developer is actively working on it. Highly recommended.

Jakob Bader

This tool saves a lot of time for me because I can just blur a portion of the screen and record a quick video for my clients. Earlier, I had to manually do it as a part of post production.

Jakob Bader

Great Extension, Saves Time. I need to to create video recording of the screen for customer onboarding and for sending to prospects. It is a big hassle to create video and then blurr sensitive information using other tools. Thanks to this wonderful extension, it takes away the hassle and makes it convenient for me. A real practical solution and easily worth 10 times its price imo. Big Thanks to the developer!

Nimeash Patell

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