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Let's BLURRR it out!

Your license key is

send via mail from . Follow the steps based on browser:






1. Click on the "Download" button above and download it from the Chrome Webstore.

2.Then open this page again and click the extension a Popup will come just enter your license, you also received license key on your email.

It wil also ask for email so that later on you can visit to get your license key. And it will ask to enter name for the device so that you can manage your active devices here

3.Check How to use blurweb app

4.Check common issuess: Website do not load & Activating... stuck

How to Use Blurweb App

Let's go through each feature and how blurweb app can help you.

● This circle can help move the bar horizontally so if something is behind it you can move the bar.

Initially as the app starts, you can click to blur and unblur elements weather it is paragram, img, video and more

If you click on this icon then you can select the text and press to blur the highlighted text

Click on this icon to hide the tite of the webpage.

For a free form blur selection use blurarea feature, with this you can draw rectangle anywhere and that area will be blur.

Click this to remove all the blur on webpage, weather it is clicked to blur or blurarea.

If you wanted to remove specific click to blur just click on then to unblur and if you want to remove specefic blurarea click on blurarea icon and then you can delete.

Use this to control the opacity of the blur.

Common Issues

Listing common issues people face so you do not have to.

1. Website do not load

Blurweb App have keep blur feature which means you can blur content on the page and come back to the page later opning it again or reload the blur will stay

To make this happen we initially made the page blank till it loads all then blur it then show, now this process can cause some web apps like trello to not load at all

So all you need to do is right click and choose "This can read..." and then select "When you click the extension"

Now you may ask but sanskar i want to use keep blur, what to do? well similar to above right click and choose "This can read..." and then select On

2. Activating...

If while trying to activate the key, its showing activating... then just allow the extension in incognito mode and try again, here is how.

Right click on the extension and click Manage extension

Allow extension to run in incognito, so we can install app without worry of other extension causing trouble

Now just open Incognito Tab then open and click on the extension to enter the license key

If still facing any issue let us know via chat widget or mail at

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Here's how Blurweb App works

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